The Southeast Asia Bible Seminary is committed to provide theolological education that would help future pastors to accomplish a wholistic balance in life and ministry exhibited through their spiritual life, academic learning, competence in ministry and daily living. With that in mind, we uphold the core values of our philosophy as described below:

  1. The basis of our theological education is a thorough understanding of the Holy Scriptures. Upon this sole ground, various theological concepts and ideas are built as they integrate with other general revelation and knowledge.
  2. This paradigm of theological education is focused to prepare future pastors and ministers of the gospel who are able to serve in full-time ministry contexts. For that reason, students are expected to devote themselves full-time and participate in every part of educational activities which have been prepared beforehand.
  3. The emphasis of our theological education is geared towards creating an atmosphere where our students are becoming passionate to share the gospel.
  4. In order to become a wholistically balanced servant of God, our students are expected not only to exercise a satisfactory academic performance but also able to live a life of holiness and fruitfulness and to set an example of godly living.
  5. In addition to an abundant spiritual life, our theological education is also grounded upon a sincere vision and mission of each of the students as they are actively taking part in a local church and/or mission field.
  6. Theological education takes form not only in academic learning but also as an ongoing discipleship process which happens from day to day where faculty members and staffs exercise their function as disciplers for students and earlier cohort (or class members) become disciplers for members of the newer cohort. From classrooms to dormitories, it is expected that faculty members and staffs as well as students can be an example for one another according to the philosophy of shepherding through discipleship.
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