The Bachelors Program has been established to equip those who are called to serve the Lord as a full-time Christian workers.



There are two areas of concentration

Pastoral Studies
This program has been developed to equip those called by God to serve full time in the church, mission and Christian organization.

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Church Music Concentration
This program has been developed to equip those called by God to serve the church as leaders in the area of music and worship.

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Entrance Requirements

  • The prospective student must have graduated from high school. He should attach the diploma and official transcripts from his previous studies. He should be responsible for requesting all the documents from his previous school.
  • Have the clarity that God called him/her into full time ministry
  • Complete the application form and submit a non-refundable application fee. Please download the application form here
  • Prospective student must pass an English , Indonesian, Bible knowledge, personality and IQ test

Bagi mereka yang mengambil konsentrasi Musik Gerejawi, ada ujian tambahan yang berkaitan dengan kemampuan teori dan kepterampilan musik (keterangan mengenai hal ini dapat dilihat pada formulir pendaftaran).

Church Music Concentration

Graduation requirements

  • Completed all course requirements with minimum GPA 2.75.
  • Completed all week ends, two month and one year internships.
  • Passed the comprehensive test.
  • Settled all financial and administration obligations.


Formulir dan Panduan Pendaftaran S.Th. dan M.Div.