This program has been developed to equip those called by God to serve the church as leaders in the area of music and worship.


The objective of this study program is to develop the values and character of a church musician (pastoral/musician who is able to use their music ability to equip and shepherd the church). This study program has three areas of concentration, and the student can choose one of the three to focus upon.


The three areas of concentration are piano, vocal, and violin.


Entrance Requirements

  • This study program is offered to those who have already completed at least a high school education or the equivalent.
  • Have a clear call to serve the church through a music ministry.
  • Have at least one (1) year of experience in church music as a member of a choir or a vocal group as well as competency as an instrumentalist.
  • Further, candidates for this concentration must successfully complete the following entrance requirements: a Bible knowledge exam, general knowledge exam, an Indonesian language exam, an English language exam, an intelligence test (IQ), a personal interview, a music theory exam (includes reading of music), and a musical audition as follows:
    • Play one classical repertoire and
    • Sing one Christian song without accompaniment
    • Sing two Christian songs without accompaniment
    • Play one violin composition from Antonio Vivaldi*
    • Play one Christian song with piano or keyboard
    • Sing one Christian song without accompaniment

    *Antionio Vivaldi’s violin composition can be downloaded here

The candidate should also provide evidence of any awards or accomplishments obtained from national or international music institutions or events.

Silahkan Download Formulir dan Panduan Pendaftaran dibawah ini:

Formulir dan Panduan Pendaftaran S.Th. dan M.Div.

Silahkan Download karya musik biola dari Antonio Vivaldi dibawah ini:

Karya Antonio Vivaldi