The school holds to one principle, that is an abundant Christian life should be based on a disciplined personal life (Gal. 5:22-23).  In response to this life philosophy, we have set up a system which is geared towards the development of the character and spiritual life of the students.

We emphasize the importance of a personal relationship with God and fellowmen, as well as a life of prayer and service.  We have linked all these elements in daily life in a familial setting in the campus.  Every day the students are required to have personal devotion before breakfast.

Every Friday  students are required to attend testimonies and prayer service, tutorial and soft skills training scheduled alternately. Saturday nights are spent on prayer for Sunday School ministries that the students are involved in.  Class and dorm as well as tutorial meetings are done regularly to cultivate close relationships among students and faculty members.  Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for outside ministries such as evangelism, visitation, preaching and other ministries. Regular activities such as morning chapel services and nightly prayer meetings and others are done even during holidays.

Cooperation among students is also fostered through many forms and activities done together such as cleaning of classrooms and dormitory as well as other buildings. Students are given responsibilities on alternate basis in shopping for food, setting of tables in the dining room, and washing of dishes after each meal. Through these responsibilities we believe that students acquire practice to prepare them to become ministers who have a good sense of responsibility, growing spiritual life and personal integrity.


We also seek to develop the spiritual life of students for them to acquire a balance between spirituality and a rich knowledge of Jesus Christ. During the opening and closing of each semester, we hold a series of services for spiritual deepening with prayer and fasting. It is during these times where students, faculty and staff are freshly challenged to look to God for guidance and wisdom. The history of this seminary proves that we exist up to this moment because of God’s grace alone. That is the reason why prayer plays an important role in our daily campus life.

Campus Life