SEABS does not charge tuition fees from students. By God’s great grace, He has always provided enough for the needs of the seminary through prayer and faith.

Students are only charged for administration fee, building fund and health insurance (ASKES).  Students who live in the dormitories are charged for food which is paid every month.

Aside from these main expenses, students also need to provide extra money in connection with his studies, such as: photocopying class materials, text books, as well as transportation to his ministry assignment and others. In connection with prices that may change from time to time, students and applicants are encouraged to contact the Registrar’s Office for the newest/latest financial information

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Even if the fund available is very limited, the seminary also provide financial assistance to students who are in need. Those who need financial assistance should submit a request to the faculty board. Please note that this financial assistance is not available to new students on the first and second year.

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