The Publishing House was initiated in 1987 as a part of the Southeast Asia Bible Seminary with a purpose to supplement the educational literature for faculty and students. SAAT Publishing House was founded, established and developed on the basis of the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19-20) in carrying out the task of discipling of all nations and Indonesia in particular, with a vision and mission to “edify the soul into the image of Christ.”

At the present, SAAT Publishing House has been operating independently and overseen by its own board of trustees, i.e. the Foundation Board of SAAT Publishing House which was institutionalized in 2004 and have become a member of IKAPI (Indonesian Association of Publishers) in order to be able to take part in the wider spectrum of the Indonesian publishing network. SAAT Publishing House is also a member of the Indonesian Fellowship of Christian Literature and the Indonesian Chapter of Christian Booksellers Association (CBA).

Yayasan Literatur SAAT
Jl. Anggrek Merpati 12,
Malang – 65141

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