For Christ, For the Church, For the world,
For the Glory of God

To be a facilitator and a catalyst in providing spiritual resources to inspire and empower Christian leaders in helping churches to grow.

SAAT Ministry Center is located at the epicentrum of the bustling and vibrant city of Jakarta. It seeks to be an oasis for those who are hunger and thirst spiritually in the midst of a busy and heavily occupied urban living. SMC is a venue of learning, praying, sharing and building networks as well as forging strategic ministry partnerships among individuals, leaders, churches and Christian institutions. Institutionally, SMC is seeking to be a strategic partner for various Christian organizations.

Endeavors in strategic things for strategic people to help bringing significant outcomes and wide, long-term impact.

It concentrates in empowering leaders Emphasizing the essential core values of the church Developing contextualized and fruitful ministry

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Central Park APL Tower Lt. 15
Jl. S. Parman Kav 28
Jakarta Barat – 11470
Tel. (021) 290-34-290
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