STT SAAT Signs MoU with Trinity Christian College

SAAT President Martus Adinugraha Maleachi, Ph.D., and Trinity President Kurt D. Dykstra, J.D., signed the MoU in Trinity’s Vermeer Fireside Room on Thursday, May 3.

3 May, 2018

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Ketua STT SAAT Martus Maleachi Ph.D dan Kurt D. Dykstra
Ketua STT SAAT Martus Adinugraha Maleachi Ph.D dan Kurt D.Dykstra,J.D., President dari Trinity Christian College

This event is an important event that ties the two institutions for further collaboration.
Previously there are several Trinity faculty come to SAAT as visiting professors : Dr. Yudha Thianto Ph.D. (theology) and Dr. Mark Peters, Ph. D. (church music) (